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Because…one day these two beautiful girls will look back at these portraits and they won’t remember this day, but we will. We will tell them what we remember, and they will have these portraits. We will tell them how excited they got every time we told them they were going to be playing together. These are the memories they will have of their childhood together. This is the bond they will form.

My younger sister and I are only 18 months in age. I don’t remember all the details of growing up together, but I see pictures and I remember that we were close. Two years ago, we both gave birth to our first children…these beautiful baby girls. Two years has flown by and we are now getting close to their 3rd birthday. I’m so thankful for another year watching these beautiful babies grow. I’m so thankful for Roman and Dylan, Kaden, Boston, Gia, Kolt, and Khloe. I’m thankful for my sisters. For my husband. For my mother. My loving in-laws.
I’m thankful for you.

In a few hours it will be 2014. I’m thankful for a year of love, laughs and tears. I’m thankful for the birth of our son. I’m thankful God has once again pushed us out of our “comfort zone” and asked us to trust Him. I’m thankful He never lets us down and always over delivers. I’m thankful I get to spend each day with my husband and we get to watch our children grow – together. I look forward to a new year of adventures…big and small…good and bad.

“God – thank You. Thank You for 2013. Thank You for 2014. Thank You for loving us and providing for us. Thank You for being You.”

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The following portraits were captured today by my younger sister Hayley.

a_z_201323 copy

And Leroy jumped in to snag a few as well.

a_z_201326 copy

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! It’s just like you said Chelsea, they can look back at these pictures and just reminisce.

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