Lake Charles Wedding Photographer – Harley Engagements

We are so excited to be able to work with such a God fearing couple. Michelle and John’s story is remarkable in itself. Being that the two have a deep faith in Christ which led them to both be very active in their church, it wasn’t just happenstance that brought them together – it was a divine appointment from above.

It it all started when one of Michelle’s friends recommended that she and John would be a great pair. I think we have all had an experience where one of our friends suggested we meet someone who would be a “perfect match” for us. Michelle was busy at the time heading up the singles ministry at her church, so she didn’t put much thought into the suggestion. While checking over the attendance logs for her singles ministry one evening, Michelle realized that John’s name was on the attendance record. They met, began to chat and quickly realized that not only did they attend the same church but they both attended the same morning service (they just sat on opposite sides of the church during the service so they had never seen one another)! This was just the beginning of their love story that still continues to grow each day.


It is just beautiful how much Michelle and John adore each other! While working with the two of them Chelsea and I noticed little things that speak volumes when you are in love… like how their hands where made for each other and how every time they look into each other’s eyes they can not help but to smile and giggle.


We are looking forward to working with this lovely couple  as their love story continues to unfold and documenting this exciting time in their life! We are counting down the days until their fall wedding in Pineville, Louisiana. We just can’t wait till the big day!