Visiting Magnolia Market in Waco, TX

We are heading back to Waco, TX for the Silobration and we couldn’t be more excited! Our family had so much fun exploring Waco and enjoying some time away from home.

Here are a few memories from our trip!

If I am honest, my kids are about 80% excited about the hotel pool.

I know, you are wondering…is Magnolia Market really this beautiful? Yes. Yes it is!

If you go to Magnolia Market, stop by the Silos Bakery and bring extra money JUST FOR THE CUPCAKES. Seriously, they are so awesome. My favorite was the Strawberry Lemonade cupcake, but I look forward to trying the Fall flavors when we head back for Silobration!

I was super excited to visit the food trucks! Some of our crew stopped by the popsicle stand and the rest of us hit up the Luna Juice Bar truck! Watermelon for the win!

So the one sad part of our trip was that we didn’t get to stop by the newly opened Magnolia Table. (I did stop by when they were closed and take some photos though.) They are only open for breakfast and lunch and the line is usually super long. But they just opened up a Magnolia Table FOOD TRUCK at Magnolia Market and I am so hype to try all the things!

We didn’t just stop by Magnolia Market, we also explored Waco. We stopped by the Dr. Pepper Museum (the kids had fun and we learned a few things ourselves!).

Leroy also had to stop by Baylor to check out the campus!

All these photos just made me 1000% more excited to go back! Bring on Silobration! Can’t wait to see Chip and Jo AND my fave Johnnyswim! Stay tuned for Magnolia Trip Part Two – Silobration edition 😉