Lake Charles Wedding Photography – Walker Engagements

This is a love story.  David and Bri are both passionate about three things, which have led them to desperately fall in love with each other! Over the past few years, their love story has blossomed and grown.

The first thing that drew these lovely two individual together was their passion, faith, and zeal for Christ. He is, and we pray he forever will be, the chief cornerstone of their relationship. They both walk closely with Him and you can see that their love for each other truly came from Him.


Secondly, David and Bri have a strong passion for Israel. David works for one of the largest Pro Israel advocates in the world – Christians United For Israel. These two met through CUFI On Campus and it would only be right for David to pop the question right in front of over 400+ of the top collegiate student leaders at the Marriott Metro Center in downtown Washington DC – who might we add all celebrated with the new couple right after Bri said yes! Even through the roar from 400+ spectators the two seemed to be in a world of their own at that moment! Their love had started its next chapter and we were all so blessed to have been a part of that moment.


David and Bri have an undying love for each other which is evident with the way he treats her!  Working with the couple we realized that David treats Bri like a fairy tale princess. He opens every door for her, he values her opinion when making decisions together, and he always lets her know how much he loves her. Bri shows her love by always being the strong woman, not behind David, but right next to his side. She is a strength to him in all aspects. She shows her love and affection for David by reaching out to hold his hand while walking, cheering him on when he is presenting behind the podium to thousands of people, making sure he always looks his best, and letting him lead her through the word of God.

walker_engage_formalWe are so excited to know this couple, to go through this journey with them and have the honor of documenting this chapter of their love story. We can’t wait for to document their fabulous San Antonio, Texas wedding next month!

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