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Many of you may or may not know that one year ago God pushed us out of our comfort zone…He shook us up…and He let us know that NOW was the time to go full time in Tademy Design and Photography. So we did. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like God just said “Do this” and we jumped right on board and said “Okay, whatever you say!” We whined and doubted and tried to rationalize this or that, but eventually we said “Okay, we trust You. We have no idea what is going to happen and how this is all going to work out…but we trust You.”

I’m going to say this, and I say it all the time but I honestly believe it with every fiber of my being…God’s ways are not our ways, but God’s ways are ALWAYS better than our ways. Not sometimes, all of the time. His way is most definitely not always the easiest way, and it’s not always comfy or cozy. Honestly, a lot of times its scary. It’s scary because we just don’t know what will happen and we aren’t in “control”. It’s scary because it doesn’t follow our “perfect plan.” But that “scary” feeling, often comes when we have to trust and when we have to let go.

We set goals for our business a few years back which included a generous timeframe of when we might like to achieve those goals. Some were goals to save up for certain gear that would help us achieve a certain level of quality, etc. but our big goals were points of our life when we would like to ease ourselves into working this business full time. (Full time = our only source of income) In one year we have watched God work in such AWESOME ways. TOO MANY to even list! And, our business has grown so much bigger than little old us. Leroy likes to say that I (Chelsea) am the “boss” because I run a lot of the behind the scenes of Tademy Design and Photography, but really God is the boss. He leads, and we follow. In all honesty, sometimes we get misdirected and have to step back and get back on course, but it has been an awesome journey and we look forward to wherever He leads us next.

With that being said…we are excited to officially announce that Tademy Design and Photography now has an office outside of our home! This is a big next step in our journey and we have been nervously waiting for this day for quite some time.

Of course we have to display some of our favorite faces! More to come soon!
Of course we have to display some of our favorite faces! More to come soon!
The other day our closet was full of some gorgeous clothes from Haute Dangles Boutique in Lake Charles, LA (next door to Que Pasa on Nelson Rd.) More on those coming up soon 😉
We still have portraits to hang on the walls and space to fill, but it's becoming more like home.
We still have portraits to hang on the walls and space to fill, but it’s becoming more like home.
Now work is for working and home is for family! #perfection

We still have some finishing touches to make – portraits to hang and spaces to fill – and things to figure out – working schedules and baby sitting – but we are super excited to have a designated space to meet with you all. It was very much needed for us to have a space to dedicate to working, which then means home time = family time. Thank you for reading and celebrating with us! We hope to meet with you in our lovely new office soon 😉

Our new address: 900 Ryan Street, Suite 306 Lake Charles, LA 70601
Our office phone: (337) 564-6740

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  1. So excited for you!! Beautiful office! Amazing pictures from an amazing family.

  2. So excited to see that I made it from your home to your office ! I’m so glad to see that God is continuing to bless such wonderful people ! And I’m so excited to see what he has in store for you next 🙂

    1. We are excited also Chelsea you are such a great individual! We had such a blast with you at your senior portrait session!

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