Capturing your family’s memories is such an honor to us! We try to photograph our own family at least once a year (those little ones change so much in just a year!) so these sessions are special to us. All of our portrait sessions are set up A La Carte. This just means that there is a session fee (a fee for us to photograph your session) that is due before your session date, and then after your session you are able to select what products suit your families needs. Some of the popular product options we offer are: wall canvases to decorate your home, a USB of the images from your session (with permission to print those images for your personal use), keepsake albums, and prints for your office, home or to give to family.

Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits are such a special way to document your pregnancy! These sessions can include just mom (and baby bump of course!), or mom (baby) and dad, or mom (baby), dad, and siblings.

Helpful Tip |  We often get asked when the best time to take Maternity portraits is and we always recommend 22 weeks or futher. By this time you should know your baby’s gender (if you are finding out), and your sweet baby bump should be making an appearance.

Check out some of our maternity portrait sessions here.

Child/Baby Portraits

This includes baby “Grow With Me” portraits, as well as birthday portraits, tween portraits, sibling portraits, and special hobby related sessions (dance, band, sports, etc).

What are “Grow With Me” portraits?
This is just an easy name for portraits that cover baby’s first year. Usually this includes a lifestyle newborn session (think less props and more baby in its home environment with mom and dad), 3 month portraits, 6 month portraits, 9 month portraits, and then 1 year portraits.

Check out some of our child/baby sessions here.

Family Portraits

Like we mentioned above, we try and have our own family portraits taken once a year since we have younger kiddos. We meet too many families who tell us they haven’t taken family portraits since their kiddos were little, when they are now in high school about to graduate! These portraits are such special memories, and we know how important these memories are to capture now so we can look back and remember them further down the road.

We have two types of family portraits that we offer:
– regular family portraits of parents with their children
– extended family sessions, which include the whole immediate family (you and your own kids, but also your siblings and their spouse/children, and your parents).

Check out some of our family portrait sessions here.

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