Roman – 3 months | Tademy Design and Photography Lake Charles, LA Baby and Family Photography

It’s been about 3 months since we put our sweet baby boy in front of our own camera. Β He was only one week old last time we photographed him. It’s truly a blessing to watch these two grow. Ava is in love with her baby brother and Leroy and I are loving every moment of being home with them. I have no words to describe how GREAT God is. I have no words to describe how AMAZING He is at filling us with joy when we follow Him and trust in Him. Trust. It’s both terrifying and breathtaking to COMPLETELY let go and let Him do what He does best. Love and provide. His provision leaves me speechless and ready to break down into tears.

Leroy doesn’t truly know how precious these photos are to me. I just asked him to take them. Day in and day out we spend our time tending to our children’s needs and running our business…its messy and dirty, smelly and tiring. And then there is this. Love. These smiles, these moments, this love God surrounds us with. He fills my heart and I am forever thankful.


Roman is 1 day shy of 3 months and loves to talk and kick. Now when I say talk…I mean he holds conversations with us. Right now he only says “o0000h” and “a-goo” but he has perfected those and is eager to learn more words. His favorite game to play is kicking the cover off his legs. No mater how many times we put the cover back he kicks and kicks until its off. I’m pretty sure he will be a soccer player. My dad would be proud πŸ™‚

Ava is 4 months shy of 3 years and loves her baby brother. She loves to sing and dance and is very shy, but once she gets talking she keeps going. She is ready for her birthday and has decided as of now that she wants another Bubble Guppies birthday like last year…even though we are trying to convince her to have a Doc McStuffin’s party.

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