Plant-Based Diet

Hello all!

We wanted to write a quick post to let you know what we’ve been up to since our BIG announcement Ava’s Exciting News! A few months back, we decided that we wanted to eat healthier. We just knew the food we were eating was bad for us, but we didn’t know why and we didn’t know how to fix it. We had grand ideas of growing our own garden in the backyard and eating fresh produce from it….instead we found out that neither of us have a green thumb :/

We instead made minor changes that we thought might help. I stopped eating sugar – cold turkey. We stopped eating red meat, opting instead to eat only chicken and ground meat maybe once a week if that (since some of our favorite recipes called for it). Like I said…we made minor changes that we thought would help, and I must admit – the sugar? THAT HELPED! I can’t begin to express how much better I felt after stopping eating sugar for 3 weeks – opting instead for fruit smoothies and fruits. I got tempted during the 4th week when we went on a family trip to Galveston, and just HAD to stop by The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on the Strand and get one of their delicious caramel apples! Only problem was…it wasn’t delicious this time. My taste buds had changed and I no longer liked the taste of the sugar. I was kind of bummed but I then realized that we CAN change our diets and we CAN adapt to those changes. In other words, it can be done!

I know we aren’t the only ones who hopelessly thought that eating healthier could not be done.

Well, a few weeks ago we watch a documentary on Netflix called The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue and immediately after we watched Forks Over Knives. After that, our illusions of being stuck in an unhealthy diet were evaporated. We were intrigued, excited and amazed at how unhealthy the food we eat really is for us. We had found out WHY what we ate was unhealthy…but not only that we had found out HOW to eat healthier!




So, as of two weeks ago, the Tademy household has began a new healthier chapter of our lives. Armed with an awesome book by Rip Esselstyn called “The Engine 2 Diet” and a long grocery list of healthier food (per recipes listed in the book), we began a 28 day challenge of eating better and becoming healthier!





What is a vegan? Is it the same as being a vegetarian?
In all honesty, I had no clue what the difference was until I started researching it to find out what we technically would be “called” so we would know what to look out for. So vegetarian means you don’t eat meat, but you are okay eating animal byproducts like dairy. Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal or is made with it. No meat, no dairy (eggs, cheese, butter). Many people have asked us if we eat chicken – nope, it’s meat. Seafood? Nope, we don’t eat it. (We weren’t big seafood eaters anyway…except shrimp and crawfish for me.)  I assume the seafood question is because Catholics can eat seafood during Lent but can’t eat other meat. There also sub-groups which do eat seafood but no other meat products, etc. But basically if you are choosing what you want to eat and it is not because of allergies, then you are free to pick and choose what you want to eat and what you don’t. We are vegan and only eat a plant-based diet, but also during our Engine 2 Diet challenge, we eat low sodium, low salt, no sugar….it’s hardcore! (We also do our best to omit soy from our diet)

I’m sure you want to know how it is going right?
Well, Leroy has lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks (with no exercise) and I have lost about 5-6 lb (which I am happy with because I’m preggo and don’t want to drastically lose a ton of weight!). In those 3 weeks, Leroy has not eaten meat one time but did try some of our daughters birthday cake. I ate meat once because it was in the chili that I had on my chips at the birthday party. Our daughter loves fruit and salad, and is not a fan of meat anyway, so she hasn’t noticed too much change. (She still eats plenty of her favorite Goldfish snacks which makes her a happy camper!)

The hard part?
For me – it’s been the low sodium, low salt part. I have found out that I’m a bit addicted to over salting which is horrible and has been an adjustment for me. For Leroy? Nothing. He loves everything we cook and he loves feeling and being healthier! For our daughter – it’s been hard to find healthy snacks for her because she is hesitant to try new things. She loves fruit (eats it all day) and yogurt (which we can’t eat it anymore) – we have switched to soy yogurt but we would like to stop eating that as well.

We have discovered a bunch of new healthier meals, and have learned how to make better decisions when eating out. As of now we plan on continuing a vegan lifestyle and are very excited to know that we are making healthy habits for our growing family. We look forward to stopping by and sharing amazing healthy recipes with you all – so stay tuned! But meanwhile, watch the documentaries listed above for yourself so you can learn a little more about the WHY and the HOW.

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