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I love the weekends! So much gets done at our house on the weekend!

My husband was busy cleaning the bathroom (yea, he’s pretty awesome) while I cleaned out our office closet. In the process, I found my sewing machine, some fabric and an old skirt (that I never wore – but really loved the print) that I saved to use for….something lol Well when I saw it today I decided I wanted to make a dress for Ava! I knew she had a plain black onesie that she could no longer wear because she was too tall (my sister actually had it and had to drop it off to my house…yeah, I’m a pain in the butt but she was passing by anyway!).

Armed with the onesie, skirt and my sewing machine – I began to work. Before I got too far along my husband told me to document my project….so here goes!


The first thing I had to do was make sure I had black thread…I wasn’t getting very far if I didn’t have black thread :/

©Tademy Design and Photography

Then, I had to cut the onesie up. I didn’t need the sleeves or the bottom part, so I cut out the upper chest and wrapped all the way around the back. I took some time and cleaned up all the upper edges where the sleeves use to be…all the way around the back.

©Tademy Design and Photography

I knew that I wanted the skirt to stay the same as much as possible, so I put the skirt on Ava and got a good idea of how much smaller the skirt needed to be to fit nicely around her.

©Tademy Design and Photography

I pinned the skirt and flipped it inside out. Then I sewed the skirt at an angle (instead of a straight line down), so the skirt would still have the same “look” even though I was cutting a large portion of the back off.

©Tademy Design and Photography

Okay, I didn’t photograph the rest of the dress making because things got serious lol I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to put it together so I was so focused I forgot to take more pictures.

What I ended up doing next was sewing the black top portion to the top of the skirt. I did my best to make sure I was sewing on the same line that already went across the top of the skirt (yea, that didn’t happen but I tried my best lol) Then, I took some of the remaining skirt fabric and cut two strips that I flipped inside out, sewed together (hot dog style) and then flipped them back (this was difficult because I ended up making the strips very thin!). “Last” I attached the strips to the top of the black section. I say “last” because after I tried the dress on Ava I ended up having to sew the dress tighter because it was too big the first time.

As you can tell, it wasn’t an easy process but I’m pleased with the final product – especially since I made it in about an hour with no idea what I was going to do except “make it work!” haha P.S. My husband told me I wasn’t allowed to watch Project Runway anymore!! haha

So here is the final product 🙂

©Tademy Design and Photography

The skirt WAS a Hollister skirt. The onesie was from Hobby Lobby. The bow is from Pink and Blue in Lake Charles, LA.

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  1. I think it’s cute! It’s special b/c you made it for your princess! She’s such a joy to be around!

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